Sport Compact Class

Open to any 4 or 6 cylinder import vehicle with front or rear wheel drive.


Nitrous, turbochargers, superchargers allowed.


Modifications are allowed including turbochargers, superchargers and nitrous.


Class is run heads up on a full .500 tree (blink, blink, blink, GREEN!).


Must meet general safety rules (i.e. neutral safety switch, good brakes, lug nuts, safety belts, etc SEE GENERAL RULES).




Non-Slick subclass: Vehicle must be street legal


Non-Slick subclass: D.O.T. tires mandatory. NO SLICKS! This includes ET Street, Quick Time, drag radials, etc.


Non-Slick subclass: Helmets required.




Slick subclass: Must pass NHRA style tech inspection for vehicle type and performance.


Slick subclass: HELMETS MADATORY, Snell 2000 or higher.

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